Features, Benefits and Advantages of Warrior, Alabama

Excellent Location for Your New Dental Office

  • Just 23 miles (23 minutes) north of Birmingham
  • Right off I-65 with 3 separate exits
  • Home to Compass Bank, U.S. Post Office, Piggly Wiggly grocery store, Ace Hardware, Advance Autoparts, O’Reilly Autoparts,  Napa Autoparts, Pizza Hut, Jack’s, Hardee’s, Subway,  Dollar General, CVS, Shell, Chevron, Exxon, Citgo and more coming all the time
  • Highway 31 runs through the city with lots of traffic

As Birmingham neighborhoods continue to sprawl out and grow, Warrior is an excellent location for many types of small businesses and service industries. The real estate is not expensive, employee wages area much less than in many Birmingham neighborhoods and it is very easy to get to right off I-65.

“Why pay a million or more for your commercial real estate when you can get this beautiful building for a lot less?

Important location information:

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